Osma Pro

Osma Pro

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Run of 1000 Osma Pro countertop brewers. Engraved with a unique series number. Hand assembled in Oregon, USA.

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Included in the box:

Osma Pro, xxxx/1000

58mm E61 portafilter

24v 8a power supply (cord selected for compatibility at destination country)

58mm distributor/ tamper


The machine is very dense and heavy, and the moving bits like the intake-straw and the buttons feel sturdy. The pump is surprisingly quiet while it operates. I had pretty high expectations for this device, and I’m happy to say those expectations were met or exceeded with each brew. I found the Osma brew very similar to a perfectly dialed-in pour over coffee, but cold, and with a texture more similar to espresso. There was absolutely no bitterness; the flavor profile was pleasantly smooth. Something to note now that it’s a few hours later: I only had 1-2 ounces of each brew and I was pleasantly wired from the coffee, comparable or perhaps even more so than regular cold brew.

Aaron C

California, US

I was one of the earlier users of Osma and I absolutely love it. To me Osma brews are unique and taste noticeably different to using a traditional espresso machine. I notice more nuanced and delicate flavour notes coming through on my Osma brews. I use several espresso machines, but keep coming back to the Osma because of the unique flavour profile.

Arun S

Sydney, Australia