"It’s rare that a truly new way to make coffee is invented, and nearly all of them have one thing in common: heat. After all, it’s hot water that quickly extracts flavor and body from grounds. But Osma, a new device using an entirely novel coffee-making technique, makes a rich, strong espresso-like drink at any temperature, including icy cold — and it might be the next big thing in the industry"

"Using a novel, patent-pending process, the Osma Pro retains the widest possible range of flavors and aromas. It constantly recirculates water from the cup through the coffee in the portafilter, while pressure from the coffee blooming helps extract the most from the grounds. The result is up to 12oz of cold, espresso-like coffee in just two minutes" 

"This has got to be one of the prettiest espresso machines ever. Simple design, easy to use, and a beautiful addition to your countertop. Also, it makes a damn good shot of espresso"

"Unique flavour and texture--the flavour profile of Osma coffee has been likened to that of Kyoto-style cold brew (made by dripping iced water on to grounds) combined with the creamy mouthfeel and fresh notes of espresso"



If the very best espresso in the world and the very best cold brew in the world got married, this would be their beautiful golden child.

– Mokhtar Alkhanshali, Founder and CEO, Port of Mokha 




I was one of the earlier users of Osma and I absolutely love it. To me Osma brews are unique and taste noticeably different to using a traditional espresso machine. I notice more nuanced and delicate flavour notes coming through on my Osma brews.

I use several espresso machines, but keep coming back to the Osma because of the unique flavour profile.

- Arun S, Australia

I have been brewing and serving Coldpressov& 90 Sec. Cold Brew since October 2021 (the term Coldpresso & 90sec. cold brew actually has been used by SWERB Specialty Coffee shop in BKK for the 1st time in Thailand and probably in the World. 😋

We are the only specialty coffee shop in Thailand who has this Osma Pro and is confident enough to brew and serve. We have been constantly brewing and counting almost 600+ cups now and going strong. Coldpresso has been a sensational new way of consuming coffee. The liquid from Osma is nothing alike. We have been trying to compare to other brews method but always end up saying that

“this is just a brand new type of coffee drink, the only thing you can feel the touch of it, it’s by experiencing it.”

Osma Pro also encourages baristas to be more creative and dare to be out of their comfort zone. Brewing coffee with cold-water allows the brewer to be very flexible and can come up with many drink menus and still preserve the quality + taste of coffee liquid.

Every cup that we brew here at our cafe has surprised many many customers.

– Swerb Coffee, Thailand





I love coffee. I drink Espresso and cold brew every day. I wanted to improve my cold brew process.

I hoped the Osma Pro would enable me to brew fresh cold brew and cold espresso. The unit has delivered everything I hoped for. I have given away my old cold brew setup.

If you want a machine that can, with a small amount of dialing in, deliver you a great product and you are not interested in tweaking for better performance it delivers that.

If you love the idea of being part of something that will change the way we think about coffee this is the place to be. We have only just started to scratch the surface of what this technology is able to deliver. Time to jump on board if you haven’t yet.

– Tim B, New Zealand



The machine is very dense and heavy, and the moving bits like the intake-straw and the buttons feel sturdy. The pump is surprisingly quiet while it operates.

I had pretty high expectations for this device, and I’m happy to say those expectations were met or exceeded with each brew. I found the Osma brew very similar to a perfectly dialed-in pour over coffee, but cold, and with a texture more similar to espresso. There was absolutely no bitterness; the flavor profile was pleasantly smooth.

Something to note now that it’s a few hours later: I only had 1-2 ounces of each brew and I was pleasantly wired from the coffee, comparable or perhaps even more so than regular cold brew.

– Aaron C, California

When it arrived, I couldn't get the straw(s) in correctly. Everyone in the house (which includes a machinist and an engineer lol) tried and the consensus was it was broken. It's probably not, and eventually it worked. Then the bendy one didn't, but I eventually got that one working as well.

We have a Baratza Sette grinder. I believe the video says to set your grinder to slightly finer than espresso? We use 7 for espresso (the manufacturer says 9), so I set it to 5. Spoiler: this was too fine. My first 2-3 drinks were recirculated, and holy bawls they were good, but I think I may have gunked up the machine somehow. Eventually, after enough jiggling of parts, that was resolved. I still don't necessarily feel like I'm "doing it right", because I have wet pucks and the flow seems too fast, so... both too fine and too coarse? But the drinks taste really good. Like, worth ever penny, zero regrets good.

There are a lot of variables to work through to get to this point: grind size, amount, tamping/pressure, and exactly HOW you send the water through. For me personally, this has been slightly frustrating, but not a huge issue; I don't drink my coffee first thing in the morning, and it's not required for me to function. If it was, I'm not sure I would have lasted through the learning process.

Ease of use: After the learning curve, it's probably a 5 or 6 out of 10.
Quality of the coffee: damn near 10/10, but still somewhat inconsistent. Based on some other comments, I think that goes away eventually.
Quality of the machine: maybe like 7/10? It is beyond solid (I think it weighs 18 lbs?) and my god is it beautiful, but.. it's finicky.

I would recommend it 100% IF you can wait out the shipping AND you don't mind the learning curve.

– Jennifer K, Maine