Where do you ship to right now?

We currently only ship within the United States.


How does Osma speed up the typically slow cold brew process?

Our patent-pending process uses osmosis and microcavitation to extract the compounds that comprise coffee's taste and aroma. This lets you make cold brew in minutes rather than hours.


Can Osma make hot coffee as well?

Yes! Use water between 140F and 210F.


Does Osma work with tea?

Yes, we've had success brewing a variety of teas. We're in the process of developing tea pods and encourage you to experiment with your own tea using our empty biodegradable pods. 


Can Osma heat up or cool down water on its own?

Osma brews using the temperature of the water that you pour into its cup. It can't make water hot or cold on its own.

How do I clean my Osma?

After enjoying your brew, eject the used pod from the brew chamber, close the cup back over the brew chamber, and fill the cup with fresh water (any temperature is fine). Then press the start button to run a short cleaning cycle. The pump will circulate the water across every surface that touches the coffee, and the residuals from brewing will collect in the cup. After the clean cycle, empty the cup, open and empty the brew chamber (it will be full of water) and leave the Osma open to dry.


More questions? Contact us at support@drinkosma.com