Can I use my own portafilter with Osma?

Yes, Osma is compatible with any 58mm E61-type portafilter.


What grind should I use?


200 - 300 micron is ideal. This is on the finer end of "espresso" grind.


How does Osma speed up the typically slow cold brew process?

Our patent-pending process uses recirculation and microcavitation to extract the compounds that comprise coffee's taste and aroma. This lets you make cold brew in minutes rather than hours.


Can Osma make hot coffee as well?

We recommend using 4-5 oz of room temperature water with at lest 21 grams of coffee in the portafilter to make a concentrate. Then use 6-8 oz of drinking temperature water (70 c) as a bypass (dilution) by pouring it on top of the concentrate. This will yield a remarkably complex cup of drip-strength coffee at perfect drinking temperature.


Does Osma work with tea?

Yes, we've had success brewing a variety of teas. We're in the process of developing tea recipes and encourage you to experiment with your favorite varieties. 


Can Osma heat up or cool down water on its own?

Osma brews using the temperature of the water that you pour into its cup. It can't make water hot or cold on its own.

How do I clean my Osma?

Make sure the portafilter is empty, then take a large cup or jar of fresh water, insert the intake straw, place it under the portafilter, and turn on your Osma. The water will change from clear to brownish as coffee residue is whisked away from all internal surfaces and into the cup.


More questions? Contact us at support@drinkosma.com