Blog post #9

Blog post #9

Hi all,

Sorry this blog post is late. I try to do these on Friday at the end of the week, but this week got away from me.

Unfortunately multiple people on the team were/are sick (could be Covid but not everyone was able to get a test). That includes at our anodizers, who are running a week or so behind and have people out with Covid. The biggest risk here is that we’re working on scheduling an overtime Saturday at the anodizers to catch up with our orders. We have 150 Osmas that are waiting for anodizing right now; and in two weeks with our extra vendors we will have an additional 250 Osmas ready for anodizing. So we are working to get the extra time booked at the anodizers so we can get those all out mid February. That would bring us pretty close to all of our pre-orders; I have to pull the latest exact numbers but we’re still optimistic about getting them all out by the end of Feb. However that depends on getting extra capacity at the anodizers, which has been hard to do with people out sick from Covid. All the extra anodizers we’ve tested out did not have perfect results, and we’re hesitant to send out panels that could come back with issues which we would then have to re-work.

Revisiting an issue from last week’s blog post, we are still seeing issues with the 3rd party power supplies. I am so sorry about this. Unfortunately we are really stuck here for the moment; there are simply not that many suppliers for 24v 8A power supplies and we already had to ditch one vendor’s supply because they weren’t grounded. We are still working on an option I may have mentioned before with a new vendor who would be making these custom; we’re pursuing a quote there but it’s an overseas vendor so there’s a ramp up time. If anyone gets a non-functioning or malfunctioning power supply, please email us and we will send you a replacement.

I don’t have too many more updates; we are simply heads down on getting all pre orders out. We have a new friend, Allyson, helping us out with community and social, so look out for her! I know we’ve had a pretty anemic presence on social, which we are looking to improve. But we have been only really able to focus on getting units out. If you have specific issues or questions, as always please email us at support@drinkosma dot com.

Thank you all for your patience, and we hope you can stay safe from Covid!