Blog post #7

Hi guys,

For the blog post this week I’m literally just going to excerpt an email from Mike, which very succinctly articulates the lay of the land here at Osma:

-----“I think the schedule and dependencies are starting to come into better focus for the next several weeks. It is looking like our biggest immediate unknown is whether the extra machine finishing shop can keep to a delivery schedule. Here is where we are: (I will speak rounding to the nearest 50 for simplicity:

100 Coming back from anodizer this week (1/7)
50 Coming back from anodizer next week (1/14)

100 going to anodizer next week – 50 blasted – 50 unblasted for them to blast. Shop est. returning (1/21 and 1/28)

We have 220 units being blasted by extra machine finisher. We will schedule a full day two weeks from now with the anodizer and they will get as many of the blasted units done as they can. They will do as many as they can get done. This will also depend on the sand blasting shop finishing their work.

All of the aforementioned units are for all intents and purposed machined as of this week. That is ~700 units machined.

The remaining units will continue to be machined by our shop at between 50-100 per week. Units will be sent to the anodizer with potentially another full day push in early February.”-----

So that is exactly where we are. The biggest potential risks right now are 1. Folks getting Omicron Covid variant, which is rampant in the US 2. Extra machine finishing shop not able to handle the workload 3. Anodizing capacity falling behind (we have a backup shop we’re working with just in case here) and 4. We're still waiting on one part to arrive, which has been delayed for months. We are looking for other vendors or solutions here.

We are running slightly ahead on group heads and trays:

As we’ve been emailing folks, we are doing a big push to try to get all units out in the next 8 weeks. I am so sorry that we are extending into 2022 to deliver these Osmas, but we are committed to getting all our customers their unit as soon as possible.

I will continue with updates here and if you have any individual questions please email us at support@drinkosma dot com.