Blog post #6

Hi all,

On Friday we shipped out our last batch of Osmas for the year. We will resume assembling and shipping tomorrow, when we are scheduled to have 100 Osmas coming back from our anodizer.

We will be dropping off new sandblasted sets of Osmas at both anodizers this week. The new anodizing partner will get a test set of around 20, as we continue to validate that we can get perfect work out of them. In the worst case scenario, the sets wouldn’t be ruined; we would re-sandblast and re-anodize. But we are hopeful this new anodizer can do great work: the sample set they did last week was almost perfect with just two small imperfections which should be dialed in for the next batch.

All parts but one (straw fitments) have come in. We are chasing down another supplier of this part as a backup in case our original supplier continues to be delayed. Our original supplier is a domestic outfit, so we are looking at international suppliers in China to see if they have more inventory and can ship before they go dark for the Lunar New Year holiday.

Our extra sand blaster shop is back from Covid quarantine and running sets starting the end of last week. They have estimated that they can do 100 sets a week, so that will add greatly to our capacity.

We are on track to have 300 new Osmas machined by the end of this upcoming week (separate from the 100 finished Osmas coming back from the anodizer). We will then be machine finishing and anodizing them over the next weeks with our extra capacity, with the goal of shipping the finished sets throughout January. I will continue with updates here on the progress towards that goal. If you have any individual questions please email us at support@drinkosma dot com.

Stay safe during this Covid surge, and Happy New Year from the Osma team!

Best, Shannon