Blog post #4

Blog post #4

Hi guys,

The rest of our pumps came in! A big relief. We are still waiting on some power supplies and straw fitments, but we have enough not to slow down shipping right now.

We sent out Osmas last week and will send more this week leading up to Christmas, and then resuming the Monday after Christmas.

Unfortunately our extra sand blasting shop came down with Covid. So they are out of commission for 10+ days to quarantine, but can hopefully resume the week after Christmas. At our main shop we now have 3 people to do sand blasting, so we are running double shifts throughout the week to eke out maximum capacity.

We’re still pursuing extra anodizing capacity. The second dialed-in samples from one shop still weren’t perfect—there was some patchiness to the color. Another shop had about 95% perfect samples, but there were faint lines on one part that could be a fault of the anodizing or of the sandblasting for that piece, so we are chasing that down to see if we can dial in work with that extra anodizing shop to be perfect and thus add capacity. It is possible we could pay overtime to have our existing anodizing shop (who does amazing work) do some extra batches, so we are pursuing that as well.

We’re still on track to have 400 sets machined this month, and are actually running ahead on groupheads and trays. Unfortunately the sandblasting and anodizing remain a bottleneck. We are doing our utmost to build up capacity in those two areas without sacrificing quality.

One thing that some people were asking about: we originally opened up our next run of 5000 at an $845 price point. This was due to increased costs from parts and air freight that we encountered over the last few months: it raised our BOM significantly. However we have been able to work with our suppliers + because we moved out the fulfillment date for any orders above the first 1000, we were able to bring our BOM back down and lower the price back to $695. We have refunded the difference to all orders in the 5000 who paid the original price.

We will continue to have updates on the Osma here regularly, and if you have any individual questions about your order or the Osma please email support@drinkosma dot com.