Blog post #3

Hi guys,

I don’t have any hugely new updates this week, but here is what’s going on:

Still waiting on power supplies, pumps, and straw fitments. This will very soon cut into our ability to ship units so I’m trying to get as much information as I can from our suppliers for these parts.  We’re also looking into other vendors but for the pumps especially that has a long development lead time so we really need the parts we ordered to arrive. For the power supplies, we initially ordered 24v 6 amp power supplies, because in our testing of the Osma it didn’t pull more than 5.8 amp (and only rarely goes up that high). However further testing with the power supplies revealed that even though they were specced and sold as 6A, they often didn’t actually supply a full 6A of power. We then bought a set of 24v 10A power supplies but found that was overkill and also harder to source at scale. So the power supply now is a 24v 8A power supply with adaptor for its destination country.

Machined parts from the extra manufacturing shop came back perfect, so we’re proceeding with them. That puts us on track to machine 400 sets this month. We also signed up a shop to do extra sandblasting (they are a shop our lead manufacturer has worked with before and can vouch for excellent work), and we are bringing on 1-2 extra people into our main shop to run swing swifts on the blasting booth there. Unfortunately this week the new compressor for the shop arrived broken, so still working with the old compressor—parts for the new one have been overnighted so we are hoping it will be up next Friday. But overall we are hopeful about having enough sand blasting capacity.

That makes the next bottleneck anodizing. We are testing two additional anodizing shops. The first sample from one of the shops came back slightly over-etched, so we gave feedback to dial it in and then sent out a full Osma to each of the two shops to see the work there. Our existing shop is doing great work but their capacity is limited.

We shipped Osmas this week and will have another shipment next week. I wish we were doing more scale right now, but we are pursuing all paths to ramp up scale this month and next and get you folks your Osmas as soon as possible.  We will continue to post updates here, and if you have any individual questions about your order or the Osma, please email support@drinkosma dot com.