Blog Post #2

Blog Post #2

Hi everyone,

We had a mixed week here at Osma. We’re getting sets back from our anodizer now on a rolling basis so we can ship Osmas out every week (although there may be a break during the Christmas week as a lot of our vendors are taking vacation time). We had a mixup with our last drop off because of the Thanksgiving holiday so we didn’t get the full 100 sets this week (I’m not sure how many exactly we have as we need to assemble each set to make sure it has no marks and we have all the pieces). But we are assembling and shipping Osmas this week. Here is one of the pickups this week:

We are still waiting on parts. Our remaining pumps were supposed to be delivered already but they never got farther than (as best we can tell) a warehouse location in SoCal, so we are chasing that down with the supplier. Our remaining power supplies are currently supposed to be delivered by December 10, so we are hoping that date holds. And finally the remaining straw fitments are supposed to be back in stock by Dec 15, at which point the supplier can fulfill the rest of our order. We are trying our best to chase down all these shipments and keep pressure on the suppliers so that the parts can arrive as soon as possible.

From a capacity side, we are getting the first panels off the line of our additional shop on Monday, so we will be vetting them to make sure the fitment is perfect. We have a contract with this shop to make 300 sets this month, in addition to the 150+ at our lead manufacturers. So parts are coming off the line. Yesterday our lead manufacturer got to grouphead #501:

Our next constraint is machine finishing and anodizing. We are trying to bring on extra labor at our lead manufacturing shop to increase sand blasting capacity: the goal is to have the machine running 7 days a week. We are also vetting outside shops that can handle additional sand blasting. For anodizing we are waiting on a sample batch from a second anodizer to see if we can do a contract for additional anodizing with them.

We are so sorry we won’t have more Osmas delivered in time for the holidays. We are working as hard as we can to get these made well and in a more timely manner.

We'll have regular updates here, and if you have any individual questions about your order or the Osma, please email support@drinkosma dot com.