Blog post #14

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday!

We have 175 Osmas that are getting sent out today, with another 25 on Monday (we’re waiting for a slightly different gasket for those 25 to perfectly fit the group head). That means next week we’ll start shipping orders in the #2400s. Barring an unforeseen disaster, we will be able to fulfill all 1000 pre-orders by the last week of March. We are so excited about that.

This upcoming week we will be testing some variations of a low flow screw in the Osma. This is the setup that our partners Chromatic have in the Osmas in their café (you can see Hiver’s Instagram story about a gicleur screw they installed here: We are talking to a vendor about getting these custom made, at which point we will offer them to customers. I will keep you posted.

We also updated our onboarding instructions and onboarding video on YouTube. You can see the new video here:

And these are our updated written instructions for pre-infusion: Press the power button on for half a second then press again to stop (or use the button as a momentary switch by only partially pressing it in). Wait two seconds for the coffee to bloom. Repeat the on/off cycle until you see the first drops of coffee come out of the portafilter. Wait 30 more seconds then press the power button and run until the desired amount of coffee has been extracted. We recommend an ideal extraction of 5 oz but adjust to your taste.

If you have any suggestions for how to edit/improve our onboarding content, please let us know we would love to hear it.

If you have any specific questions about your order, or about your Osma once you’ve received it, please email us at support@drinkosma dot com. Have a good weekend!