Blog post #12

Hi all,

We had a successful overtime day at our anodizers and this week we shipped 100 Osmas. We are on track to do another 100 next week. The final Osmas from the run of 1000 will continue to come back from the anodizers over the next few weeks. We are confident we can fulfill the remaining pre-orders by the end of March, although we will try to pull this in if we can.

We are finalizing an order for a new power supply with a new vendor. Unfortunately these are not scheduled to arrive until April because of a combination of manufacturing time and shipping delays. In the meantime if you have a defective power supply, please email us and we will replace it.

I actually do not have many updates this week. We are heads down on assembling and shipping Osmas.

If you have any specific questions about your order, or about your Osma once you’ve received it, please email us at support@drinkosma dot com. Have a good weekend!