Blog post #11

Guys I never sent my blog post last week! I had it all written out and I just realized I never posted it. I’m so sorry. But it actually just said that we had shipped 80 Osmas, and were queuing up for our Saturday at the anodizer, and not much else to report.

This week we unfortunately had a batch from the anodizers come back that needed to be reworked, so we sent those back to the anodizers. We were still able to send out a smaller batch of Osmas. We are moving ahead with our overtime day tomorrow, so we’re hoping to get through 200 sets. At this point all group heads and trays have been anodized, so it’s just getting the side panels and bases done. We have been prepping our assembly this week to handle the larger batch of Osmas that will be sent out over the next two weeks.

I wanted to circle back on the power supply issue—we are SO sorry that these have been such a disappointment. I can understand what a terrible experience it is to finally receive your Osma after such a long wait, and have it not turn on. Anyone who receives a defective power supply we will replace immediately. Also, we are continuing to pursue a third new vendor for this part. Unfortunately getting a new custom part up and running takes a while, so the current estimate for new power supplies to arrive is mid April. But in the meantime we will replace anyone’s power supply that has an issue.

Otherwise we are just moving full steam ahead on fulfilling the rest of the Osma orders. If you have any specific questions about your order, or about your Osma once you’ve received it, please email us at support@drinkosma dot com. Have a good weekend!