Blog post #10

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! Things continue apace here at Osma. We sent out 60 units this week. We were able to book a full Saturday in early February at our anodizers, so we’re hoping to get through a couple hundred units that day, which we will then assemble and ship. Our last part finally came in—that was our most delayed part which ended up being 5 months late. But it is here now so we currently have all materials on hand to fulfill the 1000 pre orders.

We’re on track to have 300-400 units out to customers in February, which puts us basically at fulfillment for the full 1000 run, give or take some cancelled and new orders. As we’ve been emailing customers, we’re working to get every remaining unit out in the next 6 weeks. 

As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, as customers have been receiving their units some issues have arisen. By far the most common are difficulties seating the single pass straw in the quick disconnect, and a failure of the power supply. We are committed to fixing any issues you might have with your Osma or accessories. Email us at support@drinkosma dot com and we will follow up with you. Including if needed a 1:1 video call with me or Joey to walk through the issue you’re seeing and help troubleshoot. We’re also working on more how-to videos that demonstrate aspects of dialing in and optimizing the Osma.

On that note, we’re experimenting with an additional tapered espresso basket that is a more on-rails experience for the cold espresso use case. Some of you may see a single or double shot tapered espresso basket included with our standard triple shot basket, in your Osma accessories kit. We have been experimenting to see if this can help some of our customers who have experienced difficulty with the pre infusion on the Osma. The tapered basket is slightly more tolerant of grind size and because of the added pressure and tapered shape, it automatically brews a more constricted flow of coffee. We are also resting a flow restrictor add-on, which would give you more control over adjusting the flow rate. I'll let you know how the testing goes on both.

If you would like us to send you a tapered basket to try, please email us at support@drinkosma dot com. We have limited supply right now but are looking to source more and possibly design a custom basket.

That’s all the updates I have today; will continue updating here and hopefully in the next few weeks hundreds of you will be receiving your Osma!