The truest expression of coffee

Osma is a portable coffee device that makes instant cold brew using our biodegradable pods or your favorite coffee.


"The coffee Osma makes is exemplary"

"Elegant and compact...the Osma is assembled by hand in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hit a button and watch as a delightfully aromatic cup of coffee or tea is made."

"With every pass, Osma gently extracts compounds and flavour from the coffee until the optimum extraction is reached"

"The Osma did in fact reveal a spectrum of flavor and aroma masked or destroyed while preparing a pour-over"

"an innovative liquid recirculation system"

"For anyone who finds making cold brew at home a bit too complicated or time-consuming, look to Osma's portable coffee maker for a much simpler way to prepare your morning cup"

Cold brew in a flash

Start with chilled water to get the smoothness and complexity of overnight cold brew in as little as one minute.

Intense and balanced hot brew

You can also use hot water to brew with Osma for a rich, complex, and balanced cup.

Pods done right

Our biodegradable pods go directly into your compost or garden. You can also use your favorite coffee or tea with empty versions of our biodegradable pods. Order pods here

Cycle Infusion

Osma uses a patent-pending combination of pressure, immersion, and circulation to preserve and amplify each coffee's unique character.

Our coffee or yours

Experience custom blended pods from our partners at Chromatic Coffee. You can also use your favorite coffee or tea with empty versions of our biodegradable pods.

Pods by Chromatic

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Our pods are made from 100% biodegradable sugarcane fiber.

FSC Certified (FSC Mix Paper C084763)

Osma connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth. Use our app to discover new pods and create your own recipes.

How to use Osma

1. Open

Press the button just below the cup to release the latch. Swing the cup up and back to open the brew chamber.

2. Load

Drop the pod of your choice into the brew chamber

3. Close and Fill

Press firmly on the front rim of the cup until you hear a click to securely close the brew chamber.

4. Press Start

Press and release the main button to start the brew cycle that you selected from within the app.

5. Brew

As long as the light is pulsing green the brew is still in progress- pauses in the pump's hum are a normal part of most recipes.

6. Eject

After enjoying your coffee, open the brew chamber again and tilt the Osma as if you're about to pour it out. Then press the main button with your thumb to eject the pod.