Freshly extracted cold brew in 90 seconds

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A new way to brew and experience coffee

Coffee contains a vast spectrum of flavor and aroma compounds that come to life through brewing. We sought to capture the widest range of these compounds through a rethinking of how coffee is extracted at a physics level, while keeping the best parts of the traditional espresso UX. The new Osma Pro is the result.

Traditional cold brew captures heat-sensitive compounds that hot water destroys, but its 12+ hour brew loses time-sensitive compounds.

Hot brew methods capture the time-sensitive volatile compounds that give coffee its crisp, bright notes and convey freshness, but destroy the long tail of heat-sensitive compounds before they can be experienced.

Osma uses acoustic cavitation to cold-extract the widest range of flavor and aroma compounds, yielding a bracing and complex cup with espresso-like crema and mouthfeel, with higher extraction yield in two minutes than traditional cold brew can achieve in 24 hours.

Mokhtar Alkhanshali

Founder and CEO, Port of Mokha


"If the very best espresso in the world and the very best cold brew in the world got married, this would be their beautiful golden child."

Osma’s high-tech instant cold brew could change summertime coffee forever

No heat, no problem

Devin Coldewey @techcrunch / 1:46 PM PDT•June 8, 2021

"It’s rare that a truly new way to make coffee is invented, and nearly all of them have one thing in common: heat. After all, it’s hot water that quickly extracts flavor and body from grounds. But Osma, a new device using an entirely novel coffee-making technique, makes a rich, strong espresso-like drink at any temperature, including icy cold — and it might be the next big thing in the industry.

Osma is the latest project from designer Joey Roth, who evolved from high-concept speaker tech to tea and coffee tech, and now has found a way to integrate these two disparate pursuits with a unique vibratory method of extraction."

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Core Technology

Osma brews up to 12oz of ice cold coffee to 20%+ extraction yield in under two minutes. Our fundamental mechanism of action is microcavitation: thousands of microbubbles forming from the release of co2 trapped in the ground coffee beans, then collapsing within the portafilter, dumping the energy required to extract the widest range of flavor and aroma compounds.

We facilitate microcavitation through three overlapping processes:


Water passes continuously from the cup or carafe through the coffee in the portafilter, extracting more and more with every cycle


As the coffee in the portafilter blooms, its pressure load in the loop increases, reaching 10+ bar during the brew

Acoustic Cavitation

Our diaphragm pump is optimized to deliver oscillating water pressure to the coffee in the portafilter. This sinusoidal pressure oscillation causes bubble nuclei in the coffee and water to expand and contract in sync with the pump's frequency. The bubble nuclei grow towards their resonant size as they expand and contract, extracting the coffee, and forming a tenacious, microbubble crema

Patents pending:

RECIRCULATION INFUSING US Patent Application: 20210076699


Aaron Cohen

Staff Quality Engineer at Lyft San Jose, CA


"The machine is very dense and heavy, and the moving bits like the intake-straw and the buttons feel sturdy. The pump is surprisingly quiet while it operates.

I had pretty high expectations for this device, and I’m happy to say those expectations were met or exceeded with each brew. I found the Osma brew very similar to a perfectly dialed-in pour over coffee, but cold, and with a texture more similar to espresso. There was absolutely no bitterness; the flavor profile was pleasantly smooth.

Something to note now that it’s a few hours later: I only had 1-2 ounces of each brew and I was pleasantly wired from the coffee, comparable or perhaps even more so than regular cold brew."

Rapidly brew up to 10oz at a time

Osma's remarkable efficiency allows you to make everything from an intense (11.0+ TDS) 3oz cold espresso shot to a tall 10oz similar in strength to traditional immersion cold brew (2.0 TDS), all in under two minutes:

Grind your favorite coffee as you would for espresso: 200-300 micron.

Load and evenly distribute 21 grams or so in the 58mm E61 portafilter.

Fill a tumbler with ice and about 8 oz of water. Place it on the Osma, position the intake straw, and press start.

The tuned diaphragm pump will suck the ice cold water from the cup and force it through the coffee in the portafilter, where it will pick up the first flavor and aroma compounds and fall back into the cup, completing the first cycle of our looped, recirculating brew process.

Shown here in a 8oz tumbler brewing on our functional prototype

A limited run of 1000, made in Oregon

We CNC machine each E61-pattern group head from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, then engrave and number it as part of the first 1000 piece limited run. We finish with food-grade hard anodizing. We fabricate, assemble, and test the rest of the Osma Pro in a similar way- starting with raw materials, one at a time, all under the same shop roof an hour south of Portland. The only components made elsewhere are our power supply and diaphragm pump, which are made to our specifications and UL certified.

Josh, Specialty Coffee Guy

Oakland, CA


"I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to try the Osma Pro. Not only was it super easy to use with a wide tolerance for error, it provided clarity like no other cold brew I've had. The Osma is going to change the future of cold brew."

Included in the box

Osma Pro, xxxx/1000

58mm E61 portafilter

21g portafilter basket

AC power cord (selected for compatibility at destination country)

58mm distributor/ tamper


We offer a one year warranty on all parts, including full replacement if necessary, for both domestic and international customers.

After one year we offer free support and at-cost parts replacement for the lifetime of the product.